Naomi said, “You’re working on my case? When do you expect to have a solution?”

Beauty Pageant Queen’s assistant said, “Weird, but your case will be solved. It’s how BPQ works.”

Beauty Pageant Queen smiled a lustrous smile, “Sure, doll, soon.”

“Thank you,” Naomi got up and left. “Want me to shut the door?” but she saw Beauty Pageant Queen staring at the tablet, her tea mug already in hand. Naomi closed the door and walked to the elevator. Rodolfo pinged the event was over; he finish up the details. A short elevator ride later, Naomi exited into the lobby of the office building. She decided to order a latte; she swiped her cellphone to pay for it, and decided to sit down. Naomi stared into space. “Who was posting as me on the Internet?” Naomi put her tablet away. She stared into space. Than her tablet pinged.

Look out the window.

She knocked over her latte. Under the table, the cup drooled next to a pimento cheese crust. She looked at her tablet screen:

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