“Stench. I was upset that anyone could lay undetected for a week and have no friend to call about her.”

Naomi said, “You said detected. Can you tell me about my case? Someone is posting as me on the Internet and compromising my security and my business. I need help.”


“Another story. Once was a group of men who sat around an old general store and drank hooch. I know this doesn’t have anything outright to do with your crime but hear me out.  There was an old woman, a crusader, really, who wanted to clear up a den of sin.  Her sons were spending too much time there. She complained to Uncle Billy. Uncle Billy, a mischievous man, talked her into blowing up the den of sin with a stick of dynamite.  He took a paper tube, painted it red, filled it with mud. Even stuck a fuse in it. He gave the stick of dynamite to the mother.  She lit the fuse, threw it into the middle of the den of sin. Some man picked it up, threw it outside, hitting the old woman with it.  She immediately picked it up, fuse still burning, and threw it back in, where it rolled under the pot belly stove. The men scrambled to get out so fast that they knocked over the pot belly stove. The building burned down.” Beauty Queen grinned. “You can go now. I’m working your case.”

Naomi said, “Look at your tablet. It pinged.”

“Thank you, doll, as I was saying,” Beauty Pageant Queen pushed a button the size of a pinhead and put the tablet back down. “As I was sayin,” Beauty Pageant Queen heard another immediate ping. She picked up the tablet and stared at it.  Naomi couldn’t see, but thought the Queen must have launched the virtual keyboard and was watching orders.  In the pupil of one eye reflected an email. Beauty Pageant Queen growled at the screen, typed two more commands, then satisfied, put the tablet back down on the desk.  She picked up the tablet once more, stared into the screen so long Naomi felt obliged to clear her throat.

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