“Just listen, doll.” Beauty Pageant Queen put her automatic brewed tea on the warming pad. The mug had a digital read out of the temperature. punched a bottom to size of a pin head to set the mug’s thermostat. She then took off her tiara and laid it on a velvet pillow and put a lead No. 2 pencil behind her ear.

Naomi stared.

“Mixing tech helps me think. Hear me out. Did I tell you about the oddest body I ever found?”

Naomi shook her head no.

“Forget the Vicks under the nose. This crime scene was full respirator. Abandoned trailer in the middle of nowhere. Summer. Full respirator and suit. I arrived at the crime scene. No electricity. I opened the door. All I could see by the flash light is this wave on the floor. The dead body had decomposed and dripped into the trailer floor, which was cheap particle board. Missing body fluids. Decomposition. The waves were maggots infesting and eating the body.”

Naomi stared.

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