Naomi had sworn CJ swore he could taste the difference. Crank mounted on Ootsie’s back porch since time immemorial. No box graters, no food processor blades or steel knives expensive from trade shows Naomi attended. Few microprocessors.

Naomi stopped remembering and looked up. She could tell the Assistant to and the Beauty Pageant Queen were reading the same list. Naomi could see the list in reflected in their eyes. The Assistant to Beauty Queen Pageant said, “I can only think of two ex-husbands and mother-in-law. One had taken her for every cent. The other had been her mother. Full time. Borrowed her last dime from her brother to take him to the movie show and make him watch adult movies. She couldn’t afford a baby sitter, so he never had one. It was why BPQ became a private investigator.”

Beauty Pageant Queen said, “Let me tell you the old ways.”

“I have to be back at work,” Naomi said.

Beauty Pageant Queen’s assistant said, “Weird, but your case will be solved. It’s how BPQ works.”

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