Beauty Pageant Queen’s assistant said, “I’ll make more.”

Naomi shook her head no.  Beauty Pageant Queen said “Dee LISH ous. Brewn broon broom. Working on it.”

Naomi had asked, “And when can I expect to know who is posting as me on the Internet?”

Beauty Pageant Queen said, “One doesn’t believe her. One deceives her. Tell me again what you remember?”

Naomi shuddered and told Beauty Pageant Queen and the assistant everything she remembered.  The strange Red Heart of Onion. The obsessive lists Naomi found in her email: The name Patron Jameson repeated.

Beauty Pageant Queen nodded, “Red Heart of Onion.” She wrote it down on hotel stationery. She had looked up at her assistant and then at Naomi. “Never mind the hotel stationery. Saves you cost. Patron Jameson.” Here Beauty Pageant Queen paused. “Do you sit at bars much?”

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