Naomi stayed in her stall, in her world to give them time to leave.  Just as in her dream, a dark lake floated at the center of Naomi’s thoughts. Are the two trainees who just left stalking her? The private detective would find out. With that, Naomi remembered her meeting this morning with Beauty Pageant Queen was the only name the private detective and Naomi used to communicate. Beauty Pageant Queen said, “Look, doll, here’s the story: What is the conflict? Impersonation. Get it?”

Naomi stared.

“Imperson,” Beauty Pageant Queen paused.  “Nation. Two words”

Beauty Pageant Queen’s assistant said, “Weird, but your case will be solved. It’s how BPQ works.”

“Then what do I do?” Naomi asked.

Beauty Pageant Queen said, “I’m work on it. I’m following the trail.” Beauty Pageant Queen said, “Like some automatic brewed tea?”

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