“You’re husband is a kind, intelligent man, who deserves better than you.”

“Listen to that second word, ‘husband.’ You are right.  He is my husband.”

“Who deserves better than you.”

“Listen.  My husband.  Keep your hands off.  You have a chance to marry Jacob.  Marry him.  He’s a good man.  Keep your hand’s off my husband.”
“Are you finished?”


29Jul2014 The two women whirled the toilet paper spindles. Inside her own stall, after suppressing a sigh, Naomi punched her cell phone as twin toilets cranked and flushed. She closed her eyes and willed herself not to hear the two trainees from the world’s smallest ISP snapped their thongs and then banged open the toilet stall doors. The twins in the twin stalls clicked their way out of their stalls, cell phones or stilettos, Naomi didn’t want to know. Each walked to a black granite basin to wash her hands. Naomi closed her eyes to the thought of those fingers on keyboards.  The two trainees clicked their wash basin levers on, off. One ripped a paper towel. One punched the hot air dryer. The two left as one.

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