Avoiding Accidents

“You have to tell me something about yourself.  I'm assuming this is the last time I'll see you.”

“Yes, you won't see me after tonight.”  Tim sat up on the bed and smiled.  “Jason, I'm your grandson.  I'm also the current secretary of state serving the fifty-fourth president of the United States.”  Jason's jaw dropped, his mouth gaping wide open  “I told you, it's a matter of national security.  I have to go now.”  Jason leaped at the man and administered a strong bear hug.  The two men said their good-byes.  Tim left the hotel room, the building, and then this time in history.


While Jason lay on the hotel bed relaxing, his cell phone rang.

“Hello,” said Jason into the phone.

“Oh my God, Jason, are you alright?  I'm surprised you even answered.” Kelly's voice emanated from the phone.   “Where were you when the accident happened?”

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