Avoiding Accidents

“Sir, are you alright,” asked the officer.  “You seem a bit placid.”

“I hit my head at work.  That's why my friend is driving me home.”

The officer spoke into his microphone strapped to his shoulder and the waived to another officer.  “Follow that car sir,” the officer told Tim pointing to a police car.  “He'll take you to his residence.”


As they approached Jason's house, Jason couldn't believe his eyes.  Three mangled cars were laying about from the middle of the road, to the side opposite Jason's house.  Sticking out of Jason's house, right where the window by the couch was located, was the rear end of a tractor-trailer.  The truck had plowed right into and through Jason's house.  The cab had smashed through his living room, crossed completely through his bathroom, and was sticking out the back of his house.

“Oh my God, Tim, you totally saved my life,” Jason said.

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