Avoiding Accidents


“OK, times up.  Now we take you home,” Tim said.  Tim started the car up and pulled back onto the road.  Jason continued to stare at Tim looking for a way to escape.  Tim pulled the car back off the road.  The intersection ahead was blocked off by police.  Several police cars with lights flashing were parked along the street beyond the roadblock.

“OK,” Tim said tossing a small pocket knife into the back seat.  “Go ahead and cut yourself free.  Your house is just beyond those police cars.  Just tell the officers your address.  They'll do the rest.”  Jason commenced cutting through the duct tape.  He had been trying to find a way to get away to call the cops and here Tim had delivered him right to them.  Jason was going to yell to the cops to get him away from Tim.  But then again, his house was just beyond the police cars lining the side of the road.  Jason decided to give in and just tell the police officers his address as Tim directed.

Tim pulled the car back out into the road and drove up to the roadblock.  “Sorry sir, there's been a terrible accident.  You'll have to take that road,” the officer said as he pointed to his left.

“Jason, tell the man your address.”

“I live at 455 Sterling Street.  My name is Jason Whelane. I'm the home owner,” Jason stated.

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