Avoiding Accidents

“Shut up!” blurted Tim.  “You're going to be alright.  You'll be safe in a little while.  I just have to keep you away from your house until a certain time.”

“Take me to my house, NOW!” Jason screamed.

Tim pulled the car off into the parking lot of an abandoned building far away from the heavily traveled roads.

“What are you going to do to me here?” cried Jason.

“We're just waiting.  We're waiting until it's safe.  And then Ill drive you back to your house.  It's that simple.” explained Tim.

Jason was so tired he couldn't scream anymore.  The pain in the back of his head was growing over his face and down the back of his spine.  He sat motionless in the back seat of his own car, hands and feet secured with duct tape.  He looked for a way out of the situation, but couldn't come up with a scenario in which Tim couldn't catch him.  So he just sat and stared.  He sat staring at Tim for over an hour.

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