Avoiding Accidents

“I was just out for a while,” Jason said into the phone.

“You were out way too long!  I knew I couldn't trust you,”  replied Kelly over the phone.

“It won't happen again, I promise.”

“You've already promised.  Your promises are worthless.  I've had it!  If this ever happens again, and I mean EVER, then we'll be done!  For Good!”

Kelly's voice turned into a steady dial tone resonating over the phone.  She was mad, really really mad.  Ever since he had took the job at the food factory, he had gone out with the guys after work.  A realization started to fester in his mind.  He was twenty-four years old, he needed to get more structure in his life to make it the way he wished.  He didn't want to lose Kelly, he'd hope to one day marry her and have kids.  He turned his head to look out the window just behind his couch.  The street was empty, just like his heart and his gut felt right now.  Jason decided at that moment that he had to change, he would refrain from going out each night after work.  That way his relationship wouldn't be jeopardized from his old habits.


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