"Are You A Robot?"

John's arm snapped out of his pocket, a tiny pistol in his fist. There was the muffled noise of a silenced gun and the little girl's head snapped backwards with a splash of red and a bit of a cry. There wasn't anyone around to hear, or care. They told him he was unstable. They were right.

John tucked the gun away inside his jacket again, turning his head away from the child and staring into the distance, past the knotted trunk of the apple tree.

“Well done, bastards. You found me.”

The little girl's head moved upwards unnaturally. John had the aim of an expert marksman. The bullet went where he wanted it. Her head settled back on her shoulders with a clacking like gears fitting themselves back together. One eye was still wide and green. The other was a black, charred hole staring strait through her head.

“We will always find you, John.” The girl's head tilted one way, then back the other. Her face was caught in the shadows of the apple tree now, and she smiled brutally. Her eyes were reflected in

John's glasses, in his very eyes. “There's no where you can hide.”


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