"Are You A Robot?"

The wind sighed through the fruit-laden branches that hung over the park bench, sending the apples swaying like dancers in a ballet. The sky stretched overhead, blue and clear and cloudless, but for John Smith, it didn't seem a sunny day.

John sat on the green park bench by the side of the paved walking trail that wound through the park, leaning against the back. His eyes were closed and his head tilted back, the patterns of light and dark cast by the tree twisting across his face. A lady jogged by with earbuds and a stroller, oblivious to the tall man on the bench. He was happy there to sit and watch, or rather, listen, to the world spin around him.


“Mister? Hello?” John opened his eyes, blinking as the sunlight hit them.

“Hello?” He asked, rubbing a hand across his eyelids. He might've fallen asleep, he might not have. It was hard to tell.

A little girl with blonde pigtails and wide, green eyes was standing beside him. One strap of her stained jean overalls was falling down her skinny arm. She pointed at his legs.

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