The couch was leather and comfortable, The smell in the room was a pleasing combination of the couch and some other olfactory essence designed to put a mind at ease allowing the smoothest stream of uninhibited thoughts.

"So, I get to this place where I'm no longer myself, merely a sea of atoms made into the form of me, Just the other day I saw on the news scientists detected the part of the brain which creates the illusion of free will.That really hit me hard"

The one seated across from Fred took a slug from a vitamin laced bottle of overpriced colored water.His professional half-glance at the clock on the wall behind told him this session was drawing to a close.

The semi head tilt into a sideways expression of detached curiousity."Hit you in what way?.."

"Well it made me double down on all of my beliefs, But when I go to this place now I can feel the existence of God.. as at the end of the road of truth is where he is, smiling while offering a window seat."

He tried to resume Professional reality, "Well, great, You have been thinking deep again, How is work Fred?" The word stank of alarm clocks, highway congestion and the stifling of souls. "Couldn't be better' It was the honest truth in his mind. It's work, It can never be "better."

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