Another Way to View a River

So you will see soon enough I hacked your checkbook and took half cuz you owe me all those weeks.  The chief is dead because he had no call to bitch at me when I was just tryin to get some sleep.  You were both on my case from the start.

I have borrowed your boat.  I will leave it on the Canada side of the river when I get done.  Don’t try to find me cuz I will never come back.  I have dreams to follow and some man will love me for who I am.  Not what they think I should be.

Goodbye forever, Angie.”

Henry read the letter three times, looking at his father lying cold in the lounger.  Oh, Angie, he thought, I could’ve told you the boat’s gas tank was empty.  There wasn’t enough to get you 50 feet out onto the Niagara River, half a mile above the falls.

The falls had a lesson to teach, Henry thought.  He didn’t know exactly what the lesson was, maybe something about forces bigger than an Indian chief or a woman crazy with ambition.  That was the tragic side.  Other hand, it would be okay having 25 thou and some time to think about it.

#  #  #

: Walt Giersbach’s fiction has appeared in Bewildering Stories, Big Pulp, Corner Club Press, Every Day Fiction, Everyday Weirdness, Gumshoe Review, Lunch Hour Stories, Mouth Full of Bullets, Mystery Authors, OG Short Fiction, Northwoods Journal, Paradigm Journal, Pif Magazine, r.kv.r.y, Short Fiction World, Southern Fried Weirdness, The Short Humour Site, The World of Myth and Written Word. He was 6th place winner of the 79th annual Writer’s Digest writing competition in October 2011. Two volumes of short stories, Cruising the Green of Second Avenue, have been published by Wild Child ( ).

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