Another Way to View a River

It didn’t take two days before Mal got downright pissed at having Henry’s new girlfriend around, leaving her dirty dishes in the sink and soda cans on the tables in his house.  There was a real set-to when Mal found she’d rinsed out her underwear in his bathroom and hung up bras and panties on his towel rack.

“Take it easy, Pops,” Henry said.  “It’s not forever.  We’ll hit the road pretty soon maybe.”  Mal had diabetes, a bad temper and little more than a Social Security check keeping his rent and utilities paid.  Well, there was Mal’s VA life insurance worth 25 thousand, Henry thought, but the chief was a long way from croaking.

Angie was a hot number, dancing in her panties at night while Henry played air guitar.  She also had some hare-brained ideas, like hitting a 7-Eleven south of the city.  He told her no, absolutely and positively.  “Appreciate your gumption, but it ain’t smart.”

“We need the money,” she insisted.

“They got cameras,” he explained.  She went ahead a couple days later, taking his Pontiac without asking, almost getting caught, and ending up with less than 60 bucks.  Her singing him to sleep after making love in the afternoon made it seem kind of okay.  He forgave her.  Kind of.

She was just impulsive, he thought as she suggested other ways to get cash.  Like a home invasion of a millionaire’s mansion.  Dust balls in her brain.  She didn’t think things through.  Henry wasn’t a crook.  Just borrowing a little cash till he got on his feet.  But, for a Jersey farm girl, Angie was manic about robbery.  Some Bonnie and Clyde problem in her head.

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