All Silent on the Flint


Hell, don’t be, Sheriff. Ain’t a damn thing I’m gonna miss about that woman. She did have some nice legs. Too bad our serial killer don’t like her type.”

“That’s a cold thing to say,” Jones said.

“Hell, I didn’t mean a word of it. I just miss her is all. I heard she left me for some young’un at the college. Boy ain’t but 18 years old.” Bobby looked away from the sheriff, and his voice cracked as he spoke. ”Sheriff, I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t even see it comin. I thought we was in love. Hell, we were naming our future children the night before she left.”

“Bobby, if there’s one thing you should remember it’s this:  things are never as they appear to be. Always remember them words. Trust no one and no thing in this life, son.”

The boat slowly cut through the water. Jones lit another cigarette and stared at the passing sand bar. He wondered if anything had started eating the dead girl. He shook the image from his mind.

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