Abbey rocked back and forth, sobbing uncontrollably from the image of her own dead body. Her eyes were squeezed shut and rain droplets flowed down her face, mixing with tears. As she continued to weep, the cries from her family ceased. Abbey kept her eyes closed, afraid to look at anything else horrific. She had to know if her family was still there. After a few minutes of nothing but the sound of her own voice, Abbey peaked out from under her lids. Her family was gone.

The surface beneath her was no longer grass, but moistened sand instead. She looked up to see a large, clear blue ocean touching her face. Palm trees and thick, green brush lined the small patch of land behind her. A bright yellow sun shined down on her face, causing her to squint. That must be the sun. She still couldn’t feel things, but the tossing and turning of waves beside her gave her some comfort. She continued to lay there, becoming instantly more calm and soothed as she listened to the ocean. She shut her eyes again and began to fall asleep.

Abbey was awakened by a wet, warm feeling touching her face. She began to feel the gritty, warm sand touch her skin. As she opened her eyes, she saw a big, fluffy creature licking her face. That must be a dog, or a puppy? The dog wagged its tail quickly and continued licking her face, causing her to wake up even more. Abbey reached out a shaky, timid hand to feel the fluffy fur of this animal. With slow motions Abbey caressed the dog’s back, smoothing down its crazy fur. She jumped and pulled her hand back as the dog let out a loud bark. She placed her hand on her heart and tried to calm herself down. She worked up some courage and decided to touch the dog again. This time, it eased under her touch and began making satisfied noises. She continued petting the dog until it laid down and closed its eyes, drifting off to sleep. The corners of Abbey’s mouth turned up and she started smiling uncontrollably. This animal was so lovable and gave her indescribable happiness.

Abbey had read in a magazine before that people keep these animals as pets and give them names. She sat deep in thought, wondering what name would perfectly suit her new furry friend. Her new friend was energetic, happy, and full of life. “Star. I think I’ll call you star.”

A few days had passed since Abbey first came to the island. She walked around everywhere on the island looking for someone or something that would tell her where her family was. She desperately wanted to see them again. On this bright, sunny day, Abbey and Star were playing fetch with sticks that were washed ashore. Later on that day, they would search the island for a delicious meal for dinner. Everything was almost perfect.

“C’mon Star! Let’s go boy!”

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