Abbey got close enough to see the faces of the people holding umbrellas. They were crying and standing over something. What are they crying about? Abbey got closer and closer until she was standing right behind the people.

“Hello?” Abbey whispered out behind her timid voice and heard no response.

“HELLO?” Abbey yelled. No one turned around or even flinched. They were sobbing loud, with their thick, black coats getting soaked from the pouring rain. Abbey reached out her hand and tapped one of them on the back. Just as before, they didn’t move.

Suddenly, the loud sobs began to sound like familiar voices. Abbey listened to the weeping and began to notice how similar the voices sounded to something she had heard before. She stood behind these people, wanting to know what they were crying about yet afraid to disturb them further. Their sobs sounded mangled and pained, almost as if they were being choked. It was eerie and gave Abbey chills down her spine. She couldn’t move, but knew she had to address these people sooner than later. Cautiously, Abbey began to walk around the group of crying people to see their faces.

She froze. The voices sounded familiar because she knew them all too well. Mom, Dad, Tim, and Roger stood huddled together, drying their tears and blowing their noses. She wanted to hug them, but instead she looked down to see what was in front of them.

A white coffin lay in the wet grass next to a giant whole in the ground. This was a funeral for someone, but who? Abbey reached out a shaky hand to open the coffin. Her eyes got big and her stomach dropped as she stared at her own pale, battered body. She screamed and fell to the ground, pulling her knees up to her chest and breathing in short, muffled breaths. Every memory of what happened came flooding it. I really did die. I didn’t feel it. The creatures must have killed her, but why didn’t she feel anything? There was no pain, no suffering, just bright, magical stars.

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