“Abbey, what are you doing?” Roger’s voice surprised her, causing her to whip her head around and gasp, frozen with fear. She dropped the backpack and stared at him with her eyes wide, unable to speak.

A loud bang came from the roof and knocked the chandelier out of its place, sending it crashing to the ground. Before Roger had time to get to his sister, the entire roof caved in.
Abbey froze. She stared into the red eyes and blood soaked teeth of a hungry, malevolent creature. The vile smell of rotted flesh filled her nostrils as she looked death in the eye. The creature took a step closer, closing any distance between them. A small whimper of fear escaped Abbey’s lips as she accepted her demise. The screams of her brother calling her name were quickly drowned out by the wave of shock. Her mind went blank as she directed her focus to a tiny star in the black sky above her, shining down from the hole in the ceiling. It was the first star she'd ever seen in her life. Amid the grey clouds of pollution surrounding it, this star sat up in the sky alone. It had a certain kind of peacefulness to it, the way it seemed unaffected by the chaos all around.

A magical phenomenon began to take place. Several other stars started emerging from behind the dark clouds. As they entered the sky, their brightness began to grow more and more intense. It was the most beautiful sight Abbey had ever seen. Slowly and one by one, each cloud began to evaporate into the sky. A clear black, starry sky was now visible and vivid. Abbey couldn’t take her eyes away from the amazing scenery above her. It was new, strange, and absolutely incredible to look at. How could the family have kept her from experiencing this for so long?

The stars seemed to be getting closer as their light began to beam more intensely. They’re coming down to get me. Abbey shook her head and blinked her eyes. There was no way this was actually happening. This had to be a dream. The stars got closer and closer to earth as they plummeted down from the black sky. After just a few minutes, they were in touching distance. Abbey reached up and anticipated the feeling that these stars would give her eager fingers.

Boom. A bright light flashed and blinded Abbey’s eyes as the tip of her finger met the star. In the blink of an eye, she was no longer in her house. There were no bloodthirsty monsters or stars, but a white, cloudy sky with rain droplets hitting the ground at full speed. This was the first time Abbey had seen rain. She knew what it looked like from books and videos, but she had never felt it before. It was cold and wet, but strangely did not dampen her clothing or hair. It bounced off her body like rubber. She looked down at her feet to see some bright green grass being smashed under her feet. Just like the rain, she couldn’t feel it scratching her skin. She couldn’t feel anything.

As Abbey scanned her surroundings, she noticed a group of people in the distance. It looked like they were all wearing black and holding big umbrellas. Abbey made her way over to these people hoping they would give her some answers. She didn’t remember how she got to this grassy field and was starting to get anxious. She missed her family and didn’t know where they were or if they were alive. As she got closer to group of people, she sped up her walking pace as her breathing became shallow. Beads of sweat started to trickle down her forehead and tears welled up in her eyes. She was desperate to see her family.

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