“Maybe they’re asleep?” Abbey wondered aloud and caressed her mother’s hand for comfort.

“Asleep or awake, it doesn’t matter. There’s no tardiness to dinner in this house. We put way too much effort into this meal for it to be taken lightly.” The tapping increased in speed. Abbey’s mother stood up abruptly just as a small door in the floor underneath a rug swung open. Tim and Roger climbed up into the living room, locking The Door underneath them with a key. They threw their large backpacks on the couch and made their way to the dining room with their heads down amidst the awkward silence. In Tim’s hand was a bottle of expensive white wine covered in dust. Abbey’s mother was frozen where she stood, her mouth wide open.

“Where the hell were you two?! You think this is a joke? You’re late to dinner and you broke the number one rule!!”

“Mom, calm down,” Tim replied in a soothing voice, “we knew it was a special meal so we wanted to contribute.” He blew the dust off the wine and sat it on the table next to the other drinks.

“I already got Pinot Grigio!! You two could have been killed out there!!! Our number one rule is to stay inside unless given permission to leave. And you never EVER leave for something so insignificant!”

“Boys, what in God’s name were you thinking?” Abbey’s father chimed in, “Risk your life for a bottle of wine?! She knows where The Door is now!”

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