A Warning to Thinkers

The priest nodded grimly.

“Every few years, the thing rises close to self-awareness once more, and must be sent back down into its unconscious reverie by a small measure of the horrors in which it delights in the blackness of its soul. My brotherhood have done this countless times over the centuries, distracting it long enough to send it back into its endless slumber, selecting for the sacrifice a particularly dangerous individual.” He gestured then to the philosopher, whose well-meaning works threatened to drive men to the questioning that would see the thing awaken.

And so it was that I became a priest. And so it is that I tell all I meet to think of Heaven, pray to God, and question not what the Church tells you. Safe, harmless pieties and nonsense scriptures. But to you, the atheist, the thinker, the philosopher, I say this: Beware the questions you ask and the truths with which you grapple. For when you reach the edges of understanding – the impossible, the unanswerable, the meaningless chaos behind the façade of our reality – you stand upon a deadly threshold. Step too far, and you court the end of all existence. And when the time comes for the ritual to be conducted, a better sacrifice than you shall be hard to find.

Be warned.



Bio: Steven D Jackson is a British writer currently concentrating on short creepy stories. If you like what you read, check out his other short stories and novels at .

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