A Warning to Thinkers

“What is it, priest? What terrible demon is this Sleeper?” the captain whispered, his face white, his words now carrying easily over the gentle breaking of the waves against the hull.

“It is a being of chaos, of insanity and boundless horror. Our existence is a passing flicker of its unfathomable mind, and it must not awaken.”

“And what is it that will keep it asleep? We will spread the word to all we meet, mankind will know of the truth –“

“Never think it!” snapped the priest, glaring hotly at us all. “The thoughts of man are part of its dream, and no dream dreams the dreamer. We must focus men’s thoughts away from it. Away from any thoughts that stray even close to it. Mankind must believe in a fiction, his mind directed firmly towards harmless lies. Truth carries too great a cost.”

I recalled the horror of the fearful ritual below decks, and shuddered as a spoke.

“What of the ritual then, priest? Was that to keep it sleeping?”

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