A Vainglorious Venture

Day 1


My name is Sergeant Frankford. I have been ordered by my superiors to keep a log of our encounters down here in the sewers. I am not much for words but I will muster what I can. With me is Erik and Vogo, two trusted companions of mine. Erik is a bit fanciful for my taste but has a sharp aim with a powder pistol. Vogo is more to my liking, quiet and takes his business seriously. Damn good with an axe too.Our mission is rather straightforward, we were ordered to delve into the deeper part of the sewers and keep an account of our findings. Apparently there were some religious zealots making trouble and are said to have gone down into the sewers to escape persecution of the holy mother’s might. I pity them should we locate where they are hiding as the mother's justice will not be swift by my hand. I have little mercy for heathens.

First day thus far was uneventful, despite spotting some beggars who we questioned and later killed as we could not risk them tipping off the cultists. Erik seemed uncomfortable killing them but I assured him that they were too much of a liability. Dumping their bodies was easy enough. The smell is the worst part of this venture, what I wouldn’t give for a breath of fresh air. Set up watch for the night; I pulled the short straw and have the first watch. Will be hard to keep track of time here I think.

Day 2

So far this mission is proving a waste of time. Walking deeper into the sewers, the most we saw was a rat scurrying away from us. To make matters worse I slipped on a strange black liquid when I had taken point. The good news is I avoided falling into the putrid water but the bad news is there is a burning pain in my ankle. I have been able to put some weight on it but every step is matched with agony. Erik suggested turning back but I ordered us to press forward. Vogo said nothing about the situation but seems irritated that our speed has dipped due to my injury. Can’t say I blame him. The longer we take to find these men the longer we are stuck down here. Thankfully we have enough torches to carry us through the darkness. Drew first watch again, going to be a long night.


Day 3


My foot is now swollen quite badly despite my attempts to alleviate my pain. Erik claimed to have some experience with being a medic. ‘Some’ isn’t very reassuring but after he wrapped it and told me to keep it elevated the swelling did manage to go down. I’ll give him credit where it is due. He does seem to know something at least. Erik suggested I stay off of my feet for a bit.  Vogo was not pleased by this but I suggested that they could scout ahead while I rested. Erik agreed reluctantly but Vogo seemed to be on board. They then went on ahead for a few hours while I stayed back at camp. With my powder pistol in hand I kept my back to the wall and my eyes open for anything suspicious. In the darkness,I had heard what had sounded like a door with a rusty hinge being opened. I called out to it but did not get a reply, filling me with dread. I raised my pistol, keeping it pointed at the ever creeping darkness. It was then I heard another noise. This one different than the other. The noise sounded as if a blade was being dragged across stone with a clicking noise following it. I fired my pistol filling the room with the smell of gunpowder, the area had then lit up enough for me to make out a figure standing before me. It ceased to move despite me firing at it. It loomed ahead of me seemingly swaying back and forth. The clicking noise returned as I heard the scraping noise gently return as it moved ahead. I grabbed my powder horn and poured it down the barrel of my pistol as the figure started to move towards me. Inch by inch it began to move as I frantically tried my best to reload with shaking hands. The scraping noise began to grow louder followed by the clicking as it neared. My hands moved as fast as they could scrambling for a pellet when I heard footsteps in the distance. The scraping noise instantly grew to a halt as I screamed for help. I heard the footsteps approach fast towards me where the figure was standing. I held my breath waiting to see what fate awaited me. My companions soon stood before me armed and ready for a fight. A torch in each hand and weapon in the other, they gazed into the room looking for any unseen foe. I called out to them to look behind as the figure was standing right there but when they inspected the area they found nothing. What was once there seemed to vanish within thin air causing some questioning from both Erik and Vogo. I told them of what had transpired but I was met with confusion and skepticism. The nerve of the both of them questioning my authority made me want to strike Erik. I was leading men into battle while he was still soiling his small clothes and yet he dare question me? I insisted that we move camp but Erik and Vogo would not budge. I took first watch by my own free will this time. To hell with sleeping after that experience.

Day 4

The next morning I had awakened in much better spirits. I had questioned the events of last night and decided to put them into the back of my mind. Together the three of us pushed forward to the area they had scouted prior; however we came across an opening they had seemingly missed. Erik swore that it was not there before but it matters not. I suggested that we enter. Perhaps one of the cultists had carelessly left their secret passage open. After a bit of walking into the passage I had noticed a faint ringing in my ear. Subtle enough that I had almost missed it. I urged my companions to hush and listen. They did as told and remarked that they too heard the ringing. Peculiar, I thought. Until Erik had suggested that the ringing might have to do with our time at war. Cannon fire and rifles tend to dull one's hearing over prolonged time. I had accepted it as an answer for it made the most logical sense. The area inside the passage differed from the sewers we were in. It was still cold and damp but the walls were more narrow. Some kind of tunnel hastily dug by the cultists to hide their sins. Fools all of them, the holy mother sees all.

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