A Hot Time in the Old Town

I know there aren't many things worse than being old and lonely (except maybe being young and lonely), and I don't even mind a nice conversation with a stranger. But I have to be in the mood.

Besides, I already know how World War II came out.

We both stared ahead into the distance, watching the dog's antics. One minute, two. Very awkward. I was way beyond relieved when he finally broke the silence.

"I remember when this was all houses here," he said, indicating the park's vast expanse.

Yeah, I know. And Coke was a nickel, and there were no Japanese cars, and your movie came with a cartoon, a serial, and a newsreel.

"I used to live right around here," he continued.

"That so?"
"Right up until they tore it all down."

"All at once?"

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