A Dash of Speilberg and Houston

My client Vyra Vixel pays me quite well. She does not want to listen or can’t bring herself to understand that David Addley does not exist.

When I received the file from the previously engaged private investigator, I believed I could nail this guy. But now, no way. I went over everything the original investigator did, twice. And I constantly go over everything I’ve done. This guy never existed, I now finally realize that. This is truly a cold case with no suspect.

When I wanted to end it, Vyra used all her feminine charm to keep me going on this case. Then, out of nowhere, she amazingly relented and we amicably ended our professional relationship. I thought she finally accepted David Addley did not exist. But there was more to Vyra. I found out there always is.

This is her story:

Who is Vyra Vixcl?

Vyra Vixcl was a millennial Madonna without the rock star obnoxious pretense. She was Sexy, Sleek, slightly Skanky, but yet quite alluringly sheik. It was her distinguishing and electrifying persona that invited curious observation. That same hypnotic persona triggered an impulsive sexually gravitational pull both men and women were unable to resist.

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