“They’re all like that, Roth,” Alexander spoke up. “The three or four around here are at least. All of ‘em sunk down.”

“When Paul showed up in Trinity,” Cadman asked, playing an absurd hunch, “did it coincide with anything?”

“We’d sunk a new oil well about that time,” Alexander said.

“Maybe you released more than oil,” Cadman said vaguely. “Sounds ridiculous,” he said. “But so is everything else going on in Trinity.”

“You’re insane,” Joseph said, looking over his shoulder impatiently. “You insinuating that demons and the like came out of that well and possessed corpses?” he laughed. “Lord, please forgive this man.”

From the bottom of the hill, a series of indistinct shouts rose suddenly from the saloon and cut through the night. They were shouts of pain and agony, not of praise and worship.

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