“Old man,” Joseph said threateningly, “the lord’ll leave you behind with an attitude like that.” He shifted his gaze. “Drop the guns, Cadman!”

Cadman played a trick he’d been executing for the last decade. He pulled both pistols at the same time, holding them out for Joseph to take with his one free hand.

“I said drop them,” the young man said. He extended the revolver.

Cadman called his bluff. With lightning quickness he tossed one of the pistols towards Joseph, gripped the other, and with a swift blow, brought the butt down on Joseph’s gun hand. The young man let out a cry as his gun dropped to the mud.

Cadman was on him in a second, swiping the front of Joseph’s skull with the handle of his pistol. It was enough to stagger him. Cadman reached down, grabbing the two pistols from the mud. He holstered his own, tossing the other to Alexander. “Keep that on him,” he said. “We’re goin’ to the cemetery.”

Alexander nodded rapidly. He pointed the gun at Joseph. For good measure, Cadman uppercut Joseph in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. Joseph shouted out, doubling over in pain.

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