Thunder shattered the sky.

Angrily, Cadman stood in the muddy lot behind the saloon. The cemetery hill loomed in front of them. Alexander was at his side, brushing the mud from his suit. He didn’t speak.

Cadman went over the situation in his mind. He’d sized up Joseph in the saloon, and had made the conclusion that the boy was a lightweight in everything except talk. He certainly wasn’t a fighter. But it didn’t take a killer to kill; and the way Joseph had the revolver trained on Cadman’s face meant that it wouldn’t take much skill either. But the boy didn’t want to kill; he wanted Cadman and Alexander to rejoin the saloon fanatics in their ritual.

“How’d you know?” Cadman asked.

“I’ve been watchin’ you all night,” Joseph said proudly. “And this’s the only way out. It wasn’t much of a stretch. Now drop your guns, Cadman. Both of them.”

“Aren’t you missin’ out on what the savior’s saying?” Alexander asked sarcastically.

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