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by Bryan VeldboomFelix’s head snapped sideways at the sound of the conversation. Spanish always made him nervous. Doing what he did, Felix heard it...

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Surgical Strategies

Cedric Goram had attended many meetings in his time.  Not long ago he had attended one wearing an orange jump suit and handcuffs. Today, as hea...

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The Floormate

We called him mental case. His parents abandoned him on moving day. They didn’t even help the hapless boy carry stuff into the dorms. He’d polish sto...

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What Kind of Cop Wears Glasses

I got a telephone call last week from my old NYPD radio car partner. We rode together back in the early 1980’s patrolling Manhattan’s Thirteenth Pct....

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I Got The World On A String

Jonathan Fletcher, a retired WASP (White Anglo-Saxon) male, was driving his new Lexus listening to Rush Limbaugh. No matter what the left wing drive-...

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Bank Robbers

The flashing red lights of the cruiser flickered with stifled intensity. They were mitigated by the earliest morning light twenty-nine year old Alan...

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Wedding Photograph

She came running through from the back of the shop, arms wide.“Daddy!”He picked her up. He loved her smell, a mixture of coal tar soap and sugar.“Mil...

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Easy Prey

Sarsha awoke to the sound of the blaring alarm clock.  She rolled over and tried to make out the time, but her vision was blurry, making the clo...

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