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The Smoking Specter of Manhood

Life in Northern Massachusetts was always quiet and laid back. Times were different back in the early 1980’s. Life was simpler to say the least. It w...

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Moving On

I followed him when he left the house.I’d stood in the hallway and listened to them argue in the kitchen. She’d found some texts on his phone. She wa...

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It couldn’t have been long…or, at least that was Jerimiah’s best guess. The fact that he was still alive was a clear indication of that.  Blackn...

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The Traditional Sacrifice

I never knew my mother. She left when I was very young. My family told me stories about her, they told me she loved me, but they would not tell my wh...

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Desert Rot

His fire was a bluff of life in the withering carcass of his company. Walton stood staring at the sands around him. The dunes rose and fell with the...

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Small Town Horror

Metro Meats was a slaughterhouse here in town that employed a lot of young people during the seventies. My aunty used to work there, but a number of...

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Two Junkies

"No we're not," I replied. Just then a needle enter my vein, but maybe a little too deep as some blood shot up. Even on my ghostly white arm I could...

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Real Police

It was another typical April 4 x 12 tour in 1989. The call came over the radio. “10-20-Burglary in Progress - 225 East 19th Street -  Apartment...

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