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Innocence Lost

Christie looks up at the neon sign.  It flashes the word ‘Joy’ in alternative red and purple lights.  Pulling her full length leather coat...

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Rubber Ducky

Davis sat down heavily letting all the weight of his body and soul crash down on the worn out faux-velvet covered sofa.  His wife, Delia plopped...

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Déjà vu

“Stupid piece of crap!” Fists clenched, I scream, and kick the flat Michelin so hard that pain shoots through my foot. Whimpering, I pull the cell ph...

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They Died with their Boots On

"You could screw a woman for a pack of Lucky Strikes.” I listened.“It wasn’t the way you see it in the movies, maybe that D-Day one with what’s his n...

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I'm My Own Grandma

I know you will never believe me. I can hardly believe it myself. Naturally enough, I was first introduced to my parents at my birth over fifty years...

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Deja Vue

The old red brick Victorian house at 134 Hillside Avenue in Meadville was much like any other turn of the century home in western Pennsylvania. ...

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A Helping Hand

Hands, not eyes, are the windows to the soul. The study of hands has long been a fascination for people the world over. Palmistry began several hundr...

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Which is more beautiful a sunset or sunrise? I had often pondered that throughout my life. It is a subjective question. Every sunrise and sunset is d...

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