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The Dog-Gone Caper

Charlie pointed to the right.  “There’s the house, or should I say mansion – must be at least twenty rooms.  When Ms Lydia Langtry said we...

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Postcard from Chinguashi

Joey Mottolli began drinking seriously in Vietnam in 1967.  After he was discharged, he told people at O’Neal’s it quieted the static in his hea...

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Silent Partner

Urban horror fantasy crime - Editor by Henry GaudetAs dream jobs go, private eye doesn't rate in the top ten, or the top hundred for that matter. It'...

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Pen Pal

Dear Amy,I feel like I can confide in you, I hope I’m not overstepping my grounds. You’ve been a good friend to me these last few months despite our...

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The Lost Girl

by A J MaddenThey’ve never found the body, but they found the doll.They saw its porcelain head poking out from the dirt in the woods. Its left eye...

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Eight Seconds

I have 8 seconds to live.When I reached out you didn't reach backWith each second that remains I'll tell you of what I am and how I ended up here.I c...

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Saying Goodbye to Grandfather

by M. J. WallerWe shuffled out of the alley, took a right turn and bore down slowly upon Avonlea Care Home for Elderly Zombies.  When we reach...

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The Grove

What did I notice first? That the trees described a perfect circle, and I was at the center of it? That the moon I glimpsed through branches was f...

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