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Serial Killer

The Summer of 1979.  I lived in a small town just north of Indianapolis, called Indianola.  Many of the people in this town had lived in In...

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The Path of Kernow

He would rise from the bed every morning at 4am, throwing off the worn bedspread, and slowly climbing out. It was becoming a real effort to lift his...

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The Germantown Mystery

October 31, 1974 Piotr and Janek Tarkowski, American born sons of Polish immigrants, ran through the woods just west of Germantown, Pennsylvania.&nbs...

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Santa's Head Elf

All was quiet and still in the dim half-light of the deserted walkways and avenues that swept through the Regent Shopping Centre. The late-night Chri...

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Wedding Photograph

She came running through from the back of the shop, arms wide.“Daddy!”He picked her up. He loved her smell, a mixture of coal tar soap and sugar.“Mil...

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Forgotten Memories

Detective Greg Warren stood over the limp body laying beside the back entrance to McGregor’s Bar and Grill.  Dirty and bloody, it was hard to be...

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Breaking the Line

by Ken LizziThe line jerked quiveringly taut, the rod bowed, held in a graceful yet perilous arc.  The reel spun out forty pound test like a h...

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For One Night Only

by James A. StewartI listen to the beep-beep-beep of the monitors, their constant metronome giving comfort to those wearing the plethora of wires a...

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