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John Brown’s Body

Cops are people, too - Editor John Brown’s body sat next to his killer. The seat belt held him in the passenger seat of the big Ford truck, slumped...

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Lake Wynonah

Peter Kaufman pulled over to the side of the rural road and put the Toyota in park.  Opening the door, he got out and stretched his tired muscle...

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She woke, cursing God for not taking her during the night; a daily ritual.Rising slowly, opening her eyes, swinging her legs over the side of the bed...

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Damp Earth

The gas lamp rose and fell as his arm swung back and forth. He carried a garden fork in his other hand. It was the only thing he could think to bring...

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Which is more beautiful a sunset or sunrise? I had often pondered that throughout my life. It is a subjective question. Every sunrise and sunset is d...

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The Tell Tale Cadillac

As the cabbie stopped in front of the only house on the street, something didn’t feel right to her. A faded, almost falling over “For Sale” sign and...

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Cold and Ancient

Washington was a sight to behold. The State that is. Escaping the abhorrent inferno of Texas summer to the crisp-cool weather, overcast skies, lush f...

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They Died with their Boots On

"You could screw a woman for a pack of Lucky Strikes.” I listened.“It wasn’t the way you see it in the movies, maybe that D-Day one with what’s his n...

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