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Best Enemies Forever

Only fifty-six … still seems alert … atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia. Talking like squirrels rustling in the leaves. Ignoring him as though he we...

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Dr. Fleming's Fatal Mistake

It was night when Alana drove to the Brighton Inn, a less-than stellar motel that was a favorite getaway destination for Jack Warden and his mistress...

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Dead Lucky

“Do something, Andy.” - Editor by Len DawsonA few days ago I would have enjoyed standing out on our sixth-floor balcony in the mild autumn weather an...

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Survivor: South Pacific

Whale of a tale - Editor by Tyler M. Mathis The ship began to rise, ever so gently, listing slightly to starboard. Jonathan Meade shook off his dist...

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The Water Bearer

Death by misadventure - Editor by John F.D. TaffJim was the kind of neighbor who never said too much; a wave when he saw you outside, maybe a few pol...

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While My Knife Hand Gently Weeps

Lurching awake, gasping for air, and I've dreamt of her again. It's the same as always, lately. She's in Hell, neck deep in snake’s blood, with a foe...

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November 13th

At 12:00 am on Friday, November 13th 2009, a body was found lying in the parking lot of Ohio State Mental Center. There was shattered glass all aroun...

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“Pistols shots ring out in the barroom night Enter Patty Valentine from the upper hall She sees the bartender in a pool of blood Cries out "My God th...

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