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Taken Back Home

by Philip RobertsCliff Crichlow had spent his youth being told to stay away from Raul Skenandore’s farm. At first he’d been afraid of the man, peek...

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Willow Meadows

Fireflies glide across the smooth surface of the pool and above branches of a young Bodhi tree shake as a blue jay takes flight batting its wings aga...

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Innocence Lost

Christie looks up at the neon sign.  It flashes the word ‘Joy’ in alternative red and purple lights.  Pulling her full length leather coat...

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Where Witches Drowned

It made him feel uncomfortable from the moment it entered the house. The moment he saw it peeking out of its carrier bag as Layla rooted around for t...

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Light Up My Life

Sylvie was flighty, losing her pocketbook, glasses, cell phone – something – every time she came back from one of those lab visits that paid for her...

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The Survivor Kind

Love zombies? They love you, too - Editor by Jeff BullEven from a distance, they were the unlikeliest survivors I could have imagined. The man … well...

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Saying Goodbye to Grandfather

by M. J. WallerWe shuffled out of the alley, took a right turn and bore down slowly upon Avonlea Care Home for Elderly Zombies.  When we reach...

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Off of Parks and Druding

He got a call from Patrick.“Hey, Alan, want to come over and hang out for a bit?”He hadn't spoken to Patrick in three years.“I know it's been awhile,...

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