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The Exit Interview

“How do you feel?” asked Ethan.“I dunno Ethan, how am I supposed to feel right now?” Jonathan snapped. The interview was just getting started and he...

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Cal and Carrie Dodd, each twenty five, left their apartment at 9:00 AM and loaded their car with camping equipment. “It looks like we have everything...

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It Was More Fun In Hell

The following is based on events from 1991-1998. He was bearded, dark haired, only a slightly built man, puffing on a cigarette.“ Things have been go...

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While My Knife Hand Gently Weeps

Lurching awake, gasping for air, and I've dreamt of her again. It's the same as always, lately. She's in Hell, neck deep in snake’s blood, with a foe...

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The Path of Kernow

He would rise from the bed every morning at 4am, throwing off the worn bedspread, and slowly climbing out. It was becoming a real effort to lift his...

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Nothing Less of Evil

It coulda happened this way...Editor by Steve OlleyThe first time Robert Kennedy met Jimmy Hoffa they almost came to blows.It happened in Detroit bac...

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The Crack on the Mirror

"Felix?"Felix was sitting at the table and drawing. He went on drawing when his mother addressed him. She had just come home and was eager to say som...

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Marvin Greene

I think about my friend from back in the day, Marvin Greene. I first remember his smile, his overall body language, his strut and his distinctive voi...

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