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It was an unusually hot day in late October 1901 when Panamint Pete arrived in Ballarat.  It was so hot that the vultures refused to fly,...

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The Germantown Mystery

October 31, 1974 Piotr and Janek Tarkowski, American born sons of Polish immigrants, ran through the woods just west of Germantown, Pennsylvania.&nbs...

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Killer Colonoscopy

“I was being followed today,” said Cedric Gorman, CFO of the renowned Huber Moneda Hospital, to his wife, Sophia, human resources manager for Cactus...

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Deja Vue

The old red brick Victorian house at 134 Hillside Avenue in Meadville was much like any other turn of the century home in western Pennsylvania. ...

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Zombies Have No Respect for Plumbing

I need a shower - Editor by Tony SouthcotteZombies have no respect for plumbing. They don’t teach you that when you fill out the paperwork for your...

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Every night. Every damn night it's the same. Well sometimes not. I don't really know anymore. I've lost my head as they say. This house has become my...

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Eye of the Beholder

My fingers itch.  It’s as if an electric current, a magnetic charge, thrums through them.  Into the razorblade and back again.  How ca...

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Super Plex Fest 2017

It was a cold and snowy night in Saint Louis, Missouri, yet the Riot Area was packed to the gills for Tremendous Wrestling Organization’s biggest eve...

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