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The Rooms are Wrong

Wasn't it just daylight outside? Or maybe I'm thinking of earlier... The house seems to have changed or am I imagining it? Did someone slip me someth...

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Death of Sanity

Do people who've gone insane recognize the changes they've gone through that got them where they are? What I mean to say is do they know they are goi...

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Unlucky Superman

They were shrieking in distress, not squealing, like pigs usually do. It was as if they knew what was about to happen to them.McCormack hadn't heard...

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Another Way to View a River

Henry figured he’d jacked almost three hundred bucks from the convenience store as he raced across the parking lot jamming bills into his hoodie.&nbs...

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My Wife Glows in the Dark

by Brian RossMy wife is following me.Again.Lately, I have been distant: hands-off when she wants me to be hands-on, too busy or too tired when she...

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Road Kill

“It’s a long way to Vegas,” the old man said.He was ancient, with a weather beaten, deeply creviced face. His dark skin and his eyes spoke to his Nat...

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In This Deep Dark Calm

“Got it, V,” Ralph said. He had extremely dark intense eyes, an angular face centered on a tight, rather small mouth. made for a small cast...

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Oh how I love fluff! I love the sight of fluff. Ever since I was little the sight of fluff has been the most beautiful thing in the world to me. From...

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