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Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

Thursday, September 7, 1972 - NYPD Ninth Pct. - 2300 hours “So tell me again, this time like you’re explaining it to a five year old,” Patrolman Lore...

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A New Empire

It was almost midnight, drizzly, with a mild fog.Nicole sat with Ma Agnes in her farm barn house, waiting for Agnes’ workers to finish up. They’d bee...

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Dancing with Valentino


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The Other Side

“Dinner’s done.  Come and get it,” Joan Carr called, and her husband, Jack, and their sixteen year-old daughter, Diane, came into the dining roo...

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Many Beans Necessary

Myra Gunness knew her forty-seven years on this earth counted for something to friends, family and those she helped out but she meant nothing to the...

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Off of Parks and Druding

He got a call from Patrick.“Hey, Alan, want to come over and hang out for a bit?”He hadn't spoken to Patrick in three years.“I know it's been awhile,...

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Sensible Living

When I saw the blood, only one thought raced through my mind.I am witness to a murder.The killer didn’t see me at first.  He slit the old fellow...

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I Thought I Knew Her

I watched Karen walk away, the hem of her skirt flipping from side to side, just like the first time I'd encountered her on our way to the dining hal...

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This is me: home-writer, book-reader, dog-lover and occasional poet. I make this website to share my and my friends texts with You, dear Reader. Please: read carefully, don't be scary, upgrade your mood and be king and leave your comment. :)