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Last to Go

Keith Kellerman entered his brother’s house, quietly, searching for the corpse.  He found it in the front parlor.  His brother, Robert, was...

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Went Missing

A man of little words - Editor by Christian RileySam Nolan took his breakfast of cold salmon and buttered toast every morning at the bottom of a two...

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My Wife Glows in the Dark

by Brian RossMy wife is following me.Again.Lately, I have been distant: hands-off when she wants me to be hands-on, too busy or too tired when she...

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Politically Incorrect Cops -1989

Jimmy was in a bad mood. I could tell someone was going to get their ass handed to them tonight. They’ll land up in Bellevue Hospital.....turbanized,...

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April Fool

I closed my front door, entered the lounge - and gasped. Jesus Christ! I fought back the bitter-tasting bile flooding my mouth. Counting from one to...

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The Third Avenue Caper

Sean O’Mera owns an old time neighborhood Irish bar on Third Avenue: Jimmy’s Place. He loves it. He’s been running it for more than twenty years. The...

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Not Good Enough For Jamie

It was midnight when Kerry Ford was rushed into the emergency room unconscious because of a drug overdose. Doctors and nurses tried to save him, but...

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The Great Detective

We are in the drawing room with the Great Detective. Everyone is assembled. All the family, the household staff, the weekend guests, anyone who has &...

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