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The Gift

The two Detectives from NYPD's Manhattan South Homicide Squad were doing the old "hurry up and wait" routine familiar to most members of the NYPD. Th...

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A Dash of Speilberg and Houston

My client Vyra Vixel pays me quite well. She does not want to listen or can’t bring herself to understand that David Addley does not exist.When I rec...

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Degrees of Relation

“Dammit, you’re making me crazy, Mike,” she shouted.  “Always the Cubans.  I’m so sick of this Fair Play for Cuba crap, like they’re ready...

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Scared Shitless

It’s 3 AM on an extremely cold and dark New York City winter morning in 1984. The dispatcher breaks the quiet over the police radio with his disinter...

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Rules of Everday Life

“Hey, Monica.”Rotten breath.  Nametag intimacy.  She pushed the People magazine under the cash register.  Slowly raising her eyes, the...

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River Road

Wanda Wilbur watched the paddle holster holding the grip-worn .38 Special slide onto the sturdy, sweat-stained leather belt. “You goin’ out? You been...

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The Man of Her Dreams

Virtually every New Yorker believes that the worse the weather, the harder it is to get a cab. Tonight was bitter cold, and the only taxis Esther saw...

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The Tube

Chris did not like underground trains. He would plan his day meticulously to avoid using them. His whole life was taken up planning his journeys usin...

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