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Bobby and Me (Forget Bozo)

“Red herring.”The waitress actually wrote a letter or two on her pad before she wrinkled her nose at me. “What?”“Just kidding. I’ll have the crawfish...

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The Bitch and The Chihuahua

One early Saturday morning Grady Stockdale decided to put his mind to work on a book of crosswords at the local coffee shop, The Coffee Garden. It wa...

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Dorris Drive

James let the rust-spotted white 1977 Cadillac he got from his great-uncle Wilber coast down the narrow path with overgrown oak trees slapping the si...

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My Grandfather's Mirror

Once, when I was a lad in my youth, a girl of fancy asked me “why does the cage bird sing?” I told her something poetic and romantic that could only...

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Where There's a Will

“I wish the old bastard would die.”“Don’t worry, he will.”“Yes, but when?”“Soon.”“Not soon enough to suit me.”“That’s your problem, you’re too impetu...

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The Smoking Specter of Manhood

Life in Northern Massachusetts was always quiet and laid back. Times were different back in the early 1980’s. Life was simpler to say the least. It w...

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Memories of Heidi

1982... It was only a light rain and had started to fall in the afternoon. By now it was growing dark. The Police had already removed her small...

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The Fields of Sleep

I hear the Echoes through the mountains throng, The Winds come to me from the fields of sleep, And all the earth is gay"The daisies are very pretty a...

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This is me: home-writer, book-reader, dog-lover and occasional poet. I make this website to share my and my friends texts with You, dear Reader. Please: read carefully, don't be scary, upgrade your mood and be king and leave your comment. :)