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Slug's Revenge

Slug knocked back his double bourbon and looked at his watch. Death would be here soon, and he needed one more drink. He threw another five at the da...

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Dancing with Valentino


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Yellow Roses

A picture of health - Editor by Janet BaldeyThe day after the funeral I knew I would have to leave the village. Its crooked streets, that I had once...

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Double Dip

Courier was staring down a double Dewar’s in the Marriott bar when the burly man in the too-tight, off-the-rack suit took the stool next to him, f...

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Right Number Wrong Person

I would have left it on the kitchen table and never charged it if she didn’t insist I carry it with me. What’s the point of having a phone at home i...

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Low, Low Tide

Driving down State Highway 86, Donelli saw a sign, “Speed Limit Enforced by Airplanes.”  He started laughing.  Only in California.  He...

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The Face In The Window

They called her the face in the window. Practically everybody in the neighborhood knew her-the woman who would sit in the upstairs window of her hous...

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Art Thief

Lighting in the art room was dim. The overpowering smell of oil paints radiated throughout the small room, but it didn’t seem to bother Sebastian.He...

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This is me: home-writer, book-reader, dog-lover and occasional poet. I make this website to share my and my friends texts with You, dear Reader. Please: read carefully, don't be scary, upgrade your mood and be king and leave your comment. :)