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The Face In The Window

They called her the face in the window. Practically everybody in the neighborhood knew her-the woman who would sit in the upstairs window of her hous...

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Extra capital punishment - Editor by Joseph RubasWarden Raymond Haines looked at himself in the mirror and shuddered. His face was flabby and the col...

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Scrape, thump.Part of my half-asleep mind tried to identify the sound.  The other part resolutely kept my eyes closed and tried to shut out the...

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Some evil is real - Editor by Jack StrawThe man had been shadowing the six year old little girl for almost eight days. He felt like a patient wolf th...

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Train B-7

A crowd gathered at Davenport, Iowa Train Station. Murmurs and hushes traveled through the peering heads. The attention of about a dozen pairs of eye...

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The Path of Kernow

He would rise from the bed every morning at 4am, throwing off the worn bedspread, and slowly climbing out. It was becoming a real effort to lift his...

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A New Empire

It was almost midnight, drizzly, with a mild fog.Nicole sat with Ma Agnes in her farm barn house, waiting for Agnes’ workers to finish up. They’d bee...

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Murder in Hyperspace

“I didn’t do it!”The three people looking into the room weren’t likely to believe him.Ensign Chong Hwan had been the first to respond, when a long, b...

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