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If You Could Fly

As I enter the well-lit flat, a gentle breeze caresses my face from the direction of the balcony. I don’t remember leaving the window open, and my hu...

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Yellow Beach

George’s only concession to the sun had been to leave the top button of his shirt undone. Having turned eighty and lost his wife earlier in the year,...

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Pit Fight

Nothing’s fun about being a pit fighter. Sure, at first it looks exciting because of the danger, the excitement, the glory of winning, and the money....

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Not Good Enough For Jamie

It was midnight when Kerry Ford was rushed into the emergency room unconscious because of a drug overdose. Doctors and nurses tried to save him, but...

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The Flip Side of Love

Their love story had all the makings of an old-style romance novel. Star crossed lovers who caught each other’s eye across a crowded room and both kn...

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My Wife Glows in the Dark

by Brian RossMy wife is following me.Again.Lately, I have been distant: hands-off when she wants me to be hands-on, too busy or too tired when she...

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Willow Meadows

Fireflies glide across the smooth surface of the pool and above branches of a young Bodhi tree shake as a blue jay takes flight batting its wings aga...

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It was an unusually hot day in late October 1901 when Panamint Pete arrived in Ballarat.  It was so hot that the vultures refused to fly,...

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