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Tammy Lynn's Burden

She walked on the dirt road slowly, the dust clouds she created caked dirt all over her black sneakers and the bottom of her polyester black pants. T...

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The Favored Son

Gross sibling rivalry - Editor by Philip RobertsTwo of them watched the elder Paulk writhe on the bed. With the blinds drawn and the sun all but swal...

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No Luck

A sharp crack of thunder stirred Jessie from his short restless nap. The incessant hum of tires on blacktop reminded him of a wasp nest he came acros...

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My Salieri Complex

An Untold Story of Griffin and Kemp(dedicated to H.G. Wells)by Marina Julia Neary(University College, London, 1884)“Awake, Samuel!  Boarding w...

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Love in the Time of Computers

Nick and Allison met at a little non-chain coffee shop halfway between Nick's office and Allison's home, from which she mostly worked. The place was...

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Blood Bank

A Shimmering gauze of mist beckoned her through the mirror, the woods dark and haunting at night under the shadows of the trees were so unlike the da...

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Lake Wynonah

Peter Kaufman pulled over to the side of the rural road and put the Toyota in park.  Opening the door, he got out and stretched his tired muscle...

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The Haunting at Midnight

The old man walked gingerly down the dim lighted back alley official known as Keegan Street.  Once a bustling commercial area of Porterville, th...

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