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Taken Back Home

by Philip RobertsCliff Crichlow had spent his youth being told to stay away from Raul Skenandore’s farm. At first he’d been afraid of the man, peek...

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Illegal Frequencies

Their mission was to find those dark and dingy “Dive Bars” to meet the neighborhood elders. They sought those original Brooklynites who held the oral...

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Revelations Part 1

“Imagine you are in a very dark room; a cellar” the undertaker tried to explain. His deep doom-laden voice brought a slight chill to cosy living room...

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Vanity: Rage against Nature

As we enter the seaport guided by shadows and lights used by boats and ships to enter and leave the harbor, we pass a series of boats tied to their d...

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Death of an American Cockroach

“If God loves us so much, why did he create roaches?” Debra mutters to herself as she edges closer to the bathroom, clutching a rolled-up Daily News....

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I'll scratch yours - Editor by Richard KeaneIn Brad’s world, money could only get you so far, but do a favour for the right person and doors would op...

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The Incident at Bella Vista

“Well, the house was built in 1868, shortly after the end of the Civil War.  Built by the Bellomi family who were owners of a grain mill in near...

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The Dead Talk Too Much For My Taste

I was so desperate I took a job attending funerals. It’s not as goulash as it sounds. I would open and lock up the church after the funeral. In betwe...

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