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The Ice-Cream Man

Maple street. The middle of July. An ideal Saturday afternoon with temperatures at a fairly comfortable 80 degrees, the air permeated with the tantal...

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Survivor: South Pacific

Whale of a tale - Editor by Tyler M. Mathis The ship began to rise, ever so gently, listing slightly to starboard. Jonathan Meade shook off his dist...

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Spider Princess

“A tin can isn’t a proper home for a spider princess,” Lenore muttered.  It was her third bourbon so the words sounded like “I’nt a propah hooom...

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Dancing with Valentino

New York City December 26, 1950 The Ashland Hotel is a dump in a rundown section of the city. I live in an one-room apartment, two room...

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All In Your Head

Upon hearing the whispers, Wendy immediately opened her eyes. Squinting, she notices the red numbers on her alarm clock read 2:04 A.M. Wendy holds he...

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The Great Detective

We are in the drawing room with the Great Detective. Everyone is assembled. All the family, the household staff, the weekend guests, anyone who has &...

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Devil in the Deep Blue

by Jack SkelterThe sleek and sharklike U-boat had been stalking the British merchant convoy for five fretful hours.  Forty metres below the he...

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It used to be Smooth Boy’s Zippo, but Smooth Boy is dead. I run my thumb over the striker wheel, addicted to the friction of metal sparking flint, an...

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