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When Attribution is Not a Challenge

Shari met Johnny a long time ago. They knew each other through mutual friends. It was a casual and brief acquaintance, seeing each other at parties a...

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Pleased to Meet You . . . Not

Prowling for last-minute clients to represent for a “small fee,” he was practiced at his game. The Administrative Law Judges were ready to rule on...

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the monster’s chiseled jaw clench and powerful body wind up, but I didn’t know where he was going to land the blow. Besides, he had a knack for mixi...

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John Brown’s Body

Cops are people, too - Editor John Brown’s body sat next to his killer. The seat belt held him in the passenger seat of the big Ford truck, slumped...

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Trumpet's Haunting

It is so many years ago in the year of our Lord 1871, and I’m still not sure what occurred on this estate during the early hours of that morning. An...

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The Escape

Alexander Wiseman, having lied to his wife Beth, parked his blue Honda Accord discreetly in the shadows of the poorly lit parking lot. He left the mo...

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A Western saloon... - Editor by Coy HallRoth Cadman rode through the drizzling midnight rain towards the livery stable of Trinity Hill. Mud jumped fr...

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Rule Number Two

“Look, you can work me over as much as you like, but you won’t get what you’re lookin for. I run a tight business and I have rules. Rule number one,...

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