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Right Number Wrong Person

I would have left it on the kitchen table and never charged it if she didn’t insist I carry it with me. What’s the point of having a phone at home i...

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Vince Domino, King of Smut

As Tough Johnny Rolls (his words) remembers it:It was the beginning of summer in 1954 when Vince Domino returned to the East New York. His thirteen y...

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Bed Bugs

He woke up as his skull jumped out onto the floor. Matt looked on in astonishment. This skull was his prize possession. Well since the other day when...

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A Dash of Speilberg and Houston

My client Vyra Vixel pays me quite well. She does not want to listen or can’t bring herself to understand that David Addley does not exist.When I rec...

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Fired Up

I only took this job to get fired, and now this, Josh thought, standing there in his cute little bank teller window wearing his straight guy oxfor...

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Ick - Editor by C.T.ThomasWhen Ash was seven, she had a mole removed from the back of her hand near the base of her left thumb, performed by her phys...

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Memories of Heidi

1982... It was only a light rain and had started to fall in the afternoon. By now it was growing dark. The Police had already removed her small...

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Difficult to Explain

Jesus, I saw the vendor pick that up with his hands, his raw hands, not with the gloves like he's supposed to. She shouldn't buy that one. I could te...

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