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Love in the Time of Computers

Nick and Allison met at a little non-chain coffee shop halfway between Nick's office and Allison's home, from which she mostly worked. The place was...

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Where the Bodies are Buried

How shallow was a shallow grave?He’d never dug one before.  The hole before him, which he’d gouged out of the sandy soil in the heat of the dese...

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The Man Who Hated Pickles

The lunch crowd was just starting to die out around the time Marty entered the dingy old diner. No doubt the dive had seen better days, probably befo...

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Two Junkies

"No we're not," I replied. Just then a needle enter my vein, but maybe a little too deep as some blood shot up. Even on my ghostly white arm I could...

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Killer Colonoscopy

“I was being followed today,” said Cedric Gorman, CFO of the renowned Huber Moneda Hospital, to his wife, Sophia, human resources manager for Cactus...

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The Brokenhearted Leper

Are we not all lepers? - Editor by William KnightFroth was my cellmate. He was a leper. Not the contagious kind. The kind of man kept alive for the s...

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Snooper Heroes

Studying the picture in the newspaper, Charlie Chief thought, this could be the break they’d been hoping for.Sunlight filtered through the Low-E glas...

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Blood of the Father

Eye see you - Editor by Philip RobertsFor the first ten years of Charles Mclemore’s life he knew only wealth and luxury. On his tenth birthday his fa...

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