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Right Number Wrong Person

I would have left it on the kitchen table and never charged it if she didn’t insist I carry it with me. What’s the point of having a phone at home i...

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The Five Pilchards

Fishing nets hung lose from the ceiling. Pictures of old ships covered the walls. Low wooden beams and large sturdy tables painted a picture of stout...

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Who? Terry? An Empath?

When Terry loudly exaggerated that phony Borinquen accent she never was obtusely obnoxious. When she was collared, she took it like a gentleman. With...

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The Little Wig Factory

I buried my brother on Black Friday.People had stood in line for ungodly hours to take advantage of amazing discounts. What was the death of an old m...

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Mr. Rempel

His name was Mr. Rempel.Jill learned of her seven-year-old’s “new friend” one Sunday afternoon. She had dropped the last dollop of chocolate chip coo...

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Like A TV With Curtains

Clouds of grey ash are puckered lips that don’t so much blow as they do suck at the bushy clusters of trees that border the freeway.  Those lips...

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The Grinder

Joey saw the grinder and knew there would be trouble. The tilt of the thing in the weeds of the abandoned Cheshire Flea Market, the rust on it, hinte...

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So, You Wanna be a Cop?

As told by Dr. Mitchell Jacobs, Chairman of Media Studies who is substituting tonight for Professor Francis Neptune’s “Interpersonal Communication” c...

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