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Disquiet Teen

Thomas was a sluggish, hulking twenty-eight year old man with slightly hunched shoulders and a slow air about him. He had always housed a disquiet te...

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It's a Wonderful Death

by Glen ProctorAlex Knatt sat before a man who represented everything he despised. He hated nothing more in life than a psychiatrist, this psychiat...

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The Bones of Miracles

Ancient Chinese secret... - Editor by Nik KorponWith the barrel of a gun trained on him, Mr. Chan blinked once and stifled a yawn. The man in the Rea...

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“Nothing, mom, I’m already late. Nothing, thanks.” Alison’s daughter hurried past her mother, snatching up her school books from the kitchen table...

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Silent Partner

Urban horror fantasy crime - Editor by Henry GaudetAs dream jobs go, private eye doesn't rate in the top ten, or the top hundred for that matter. It'...

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Job of a Lifetime

It was the job of a lifetime for me, teaching people to speak English in Hanoi, Vietnam, and getting paid big money for it.In 1994, the war seemed lo...

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The Tell Tale Cadillac

As the cabbie stopped in front of the only house on the street, something didn’t feel right to her. A faded, almost falling over “For Sale” sign and...

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Best Enemies Forever

Only fifty-six … still seems alert … atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia. Talking like squirrels rustling in the leaves. Ignoring him as though he we...

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