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The Pits

“Nice job on the Routledge case, Detective,” Myers called as Detective White shrugged his coat on. “I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times....

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Not Good Enough For Jamie

It was midnight when Kerry Ford was rushed into the emergency room unconscious because of a drug overdose. Doctors and nurses tried to save him, but...

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Shit for Brains

Angelo Pinterano was a seventeen year old living in Elmhurst, New York at the beginning of the 1970‘s. He quit high school and was working as an appr...

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Blink Twice

I glance around and notice my mug of hot tea is gone. Not only that, there is writing on my message pad. I haven’t even touched it yet, it should be...

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Maude's Deceptions

“If you feel that way about me, don’t come to visit,” Godfrey James yelled as the guard led him out of the Trenton Prison’s visiting room.Alex James...

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Gray Cell Blue

by J.R. CarsonThe cell was four foot by six foot, with a seven foot ceiling. It had been Chris’s home for over a year now, as he awaited his court-...

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The Tube

Chris did not like underground trains. He would plan his day meticulously to avoid using them. His whole life was taken up planning his journeys usin...

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Goodnight Emily

Richard Barrett gazed through the floor-to-ceiling office windows across the room without really registering the splash of sun on the lush gray carpe...

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