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Crystal City Chills

It all began around four days ago. Anyone working in US Department of Labor, US Marshals Service or the EPA offices were all evacuated by an unknow...

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Aftershock Treatment

by Joe NazareHow he laughed, the warped bastard, as the rats swarmed over me.  To him, all those scurrying vermin added up to mass entertainme...

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Will of the People

The group was never meant to be a government.  The belief of the group was simply that any democratically elected government should serve its pe...

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April Fool

I closed my front door, entered the lounge - and gasped. Jesus Christ! I fought back the bitter-tasting bile flooding my mouth. Counting from one to...

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It's Your Turn

I am writing this because I have no choice. I'd like to say it is a warning to others, but I have far more selfish reasons. Even if I did warn you, I...

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Peace of Mind

I thought that the peace of mind that came with the kids leaving home for good would grant me the serenity I had been seeking.  I had raised thr...

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You're Fired

I remember getting the call at home. The Lieutenant said, in his Irish brogue: “Jesus, Joseph and Mary, What’s this job coming to, Frankie, you got m...

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What We Cannot Know

by Iheoma NwachukwuWhen this story returns to me, this is how my memory opens - like a wound. In Enugu, after I told my story to two traders outsid...

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