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Unpleasant Sailing

Jason Lyman, his wife, Barbara, and their friends, John and Susan Dunne left Bermuda in Jason’s boat for a trip to Miami.While Jason drove the boat,...

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Pen Pal

Dear Amy,I feel like I can confide in you, I hope I’m not overstepping my grounds. You’ve been a good friend to me these last few months despite our...

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God's Flashlight Beam

‘Good morning,’ said Andy striding purposefully into the small pharmacy, and straight in behind the counter.‘What’s so good about it?’ said the young...

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Snooper Heroes

Studying the picture in the newspaper, Charlie Chief thought, this could be the break they’d been hoping for.Sunlight filtered through the Low-E glas...

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A Dinner in Olde New York

Arlington and Buffy Cwizweld will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year on  April 1, 2055.This is their story.****Arly and Buffy ha...

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Like A TV With Curtains

Clouds of grey ash are puckered lips that don’t so much blow as they do suck at the bushy clusters of trees that border the freeway.  Those lips...

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Queen for a Day

Her old man was mean, mean as sin, meaner still when drinking and he drank often.  In his youth he'd been handsome and sly, flush with inherited...

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The Rooms are Wrong

Wasn't it just daylight outside? Or maybe I'm thinking of earlier... The house seems to have changed or am I imagining it? Did someone slip me someth...

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