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Decay in Mechanical Dust

It entered with a quiet beep, and a surge of electricity piped at its end. The key turned as the work began. Reid Enstrom stood in the darkened s...

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The Five Pilchards

Fishing nets hung lose from the ceiling. Pictures of old ships covered the walls. Low wooden beams and large sturdy tables painted a picture of stout...

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Ten-Cent Treasures

Steven Gentile’s grandfather opened Gentile’s Luncheonette in a back alley between the corners of Maple and Grove Streets in the midst of the depress...

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The Community

I had finished my shift in a call centre, which was located in the city, and after dealing with innumerable complaints from angry bank customers, I w...

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Peace on Earth

by Keith G. Laufenberg-1-THE AMERICANS Be proud of those strong sons of thineWho wretched their rights from thee!—Tennyson, England and America in...

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Say Goodbye

by C.J. MiozziDan scrambled to his feet. Disoriented from the fall, the teenager reached out into the darkness and touched the cold, stone tombston...

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The Wendigo

‘We were done making our rounds and heading home, walking, we’d cut through the woods. Then there was an opening and we come on it.’‘Blood, everywhe...

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The Ice-Cream Man

Maple street. The middle of July. An ideal Saturday afternoon with temperatures at a fairly comfortable 80 degrees, the air permeated with the tantal...

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