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Throw Him Away and Get a New One

Make do, I guess - Editor by Patrick Whittaker“Mr Highsmith! Open up, please. I assure you I only have your best interests at heart.”“What’s wrong wi...

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No Luck

A sharp crack of thunder stirred Jessie from his short restless nap. The incessant hum of tires on blacktop reminded him of a wasp nest he came acros...

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Some evil is real - Editor by Jack StrawThe man had been shadowing the six year old little girl for almost eight days. He felt like a patient wolf th...

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One More Bankruptcy

“Oh, it’s not much of a place, as I told you, Audrey. Just a small cabin built on the side of a slight-rising hill here in Prudence, Indiana, the nex...

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Mema's Deceased

It was four in the morning, but muggy as only Florida in the summer could be. Jetlagged, I couldn’t toss and turn in my bed any longer. I sat up, sta...

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We went in because we like visiting thrift stores; so we were a little disappointed once we were inside.It looked more like a cross between a pawn sh...

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Pancake Eyes

George picked her out of the line-up.  The line-up meant the group of hookers on the corner of Maple and Flour.  Given its proximity to the...

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My eyelids lift at the sound of sloshing ocean. My jaw pulses. A large lump on my right cheek feels like a throbbing mountain to even my slightest to...

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