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Of Snakes and Banjos

It wasn't like he'd meant to kick her as he came round the corner. Anyway, it wasn't really a kick, more like a bit of a bump. No, a nudge, that's wh...

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I Have My Addictions

They’ve questioned what happened that winter night. “Why did she turn to drugs?” “What caused her death?” “What was her mindset?” The media plastered...

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Open Ransom

What does that old woman talk about? Simon watched from the corner of his apartment building as the little ancient lady sat on the lone bench out in...

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Double Dip

Courier was staring down a double Dewar’s in the Marriott bar when the burly man in the too-tight, off-the-rack suit took the stool next to him, f...

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Angel of Misplaced Mercy

Doreen’s friend Kate called her a jerk who wore her bleeding heart right under the hospital volunteers’ badge.  What did it matter, Doreen thoug...

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Siren Song

by H T GartonWhen they sent Ewan to the State Secure Hospital, I thought I would never have to see or think about him again.Twenty years later, Gr...

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The Traditional Sacrifice

I never knew my mother. She left when I was very young. My family told me stories about her, they told me she loved me, but they would not tell my wh...

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Whispers in the Dark

The side effects of loneliness had enveloped her mind long before her sanity had crumbled to pieces before the doctor’s eyes. She was now more like...

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