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Eye of the Beholder

My fingers itch.  It’s as if an electric current, a magnetic charge, thrums through them.  Into the razorblade and back again.  How ca...

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The Dog-Gone Caper

Charlie pointed to the right.  “There’s the house, or should I say mansion – must be at least twenty rooms.  When Ms Lydia Langtry said we...

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Wear IT

by James L. GrantThe words had been written on concrete in black marker. Shelley frowned at them.She’d found the underpass purely by accident one d...

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Just Fix It

He stared at the screen in disbelief. It was wrong, it had to be! He pressed his nose up against it just to be sure. The date and time in the sent fo...

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Bottle in Bordeaux

by Bruce MemblattI am Louis Supree. I am five feet and ten inches tall. It’s no accident the vineyard I own in Bordeaux is the most successful vine...

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Sierra Tango Yankee X-Ray

The water gleamed like dull steel beneath the moonlight, rippling softly against the creaking wooden boat. He was tempted to touch it, to swirl his h...

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Will of the People

The group was never meant to be a government.  The belief of the group was simply that any democratically elected government should serve its pe...

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Death of Sanity

Do people who've gone insane recognize the changes they've gone through that got them where they are? What I mean to say is do they know they are goi...

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This is me: home-writer, book-reader, dog-lover and occasional poet. I make this website to share my and my friends texts with You, dear Reader. Please: read carefully, don't be scary, upgrade your mood and be king and leave your comment. :)