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The Dead Girls

by Aaron J. FrenchChris Evans has heard the rumor of the two dead girls.  But he thought it was only a superstition.  He’s fished this se...

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Vanity: Rage against Nature

As we enter the seaport guided by shadows and lights used by boats and ships to enter and leave the harbor, we pass a series of boats tied to their d...

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The Calling

About Twenty-Five years ago, Tommy worked in Brooklyn. His supposedly “confidential and secret” office was located on the top floor of an old five st...

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Volatile Chemicals

Primo and I sat facing Mario and Dante in Mario’s office. Between us lay a table with a shoebox on it.“Dante’s got another job for you two,” Mario sa...

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Message in a Rock

The crunch of gravel and the crash of the front door."Go and show your Mum," he says."Mum, mummy, look what we found at the beach!"I rest my book on...

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Calendar Girl

Oooh, twisty - Editor by John F.D. TaffIt was at the reception that Josh spoke the first words that truly scared her.The wedding, like the rest of Me...

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What Philip Did in Tulsa

By Steve LoweThe blindfold bit into Philip’s face, cinched tight enough behind his head to pull hair out by the root.“What is this?” He slurred his...

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No Luck

A sharp crack of thunder stirred Jessie from his short restless nap. The incessant hum of tires on blacktop reminded him of a wasp nest he came acros...

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