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Avoiding Accidents

“I was just out for a while,” Jason said into the phone.“You were out way too long!  I knew I couldn't trust you,”  replied Kelly over the...

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Happily Ever After

"Didn't I tell you I haven't been with anyone? I'm not sleeping around!" yells Mr. Whitfield to his wife. "You’re always out late and you n...

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GenGhis Khan's Massage

In addition to Ralph’s nasty cracks, indifference, and drinking, there was the absolute monotony.  Mei-Lin recited this litany of grievances to...

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World's Best Zombie Slayer

My name is Shawn Clyde, and if anyone is reading this, I'm already dead. I'm corpsified. Six feet under.You get the idea.Technically, I'll be laying...

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Grandma's Room

We never slept in here without Grandma, and since she died we did not want to sleep in here now, but Mama said the bed in the other room is too littl...

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The Opening

Overpopulation can be a terrible burden for the living.  Crowded living conditions usually mean trouble.  Higher crime rates.  Increas...

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A teacher and old bones - Editor by David E. HughesWhen I arrived in Gold Mesa in September of 1874, its one-room schoolhouse was equipped with thirt...

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Creepy Crawlies

So it was with Lena Holmes. She became difficult to work with and bullied everyone with whom she worked. Lena wanted her body from her face to her...

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This is me: home-writer, book-reader, dog-lover and occasional poet. I make this website to share my and my friends texts with You, dear Reader. Please: read carefully, don't be scary, upgrade your mood and be king and leave your comment. :)