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Attack of the Toe-Biters

"You're not going to believe this bug." He stood on the porch and beckoned her outside with his beat up old Red Sox cap in hand. He hoped the creatur...

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The Vanishing Girl

The wind howled in the night while smacking up against the house, which made me get out of bed and shuffle over to the window.I stared directly acros...

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Like A TV With Curtains

Clouds of grey ash are puckered lips that don’t so much blow as they do suck at the bushy clusters of trees that border the freeway.  Those lips...

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Stingy Jack

“Grandpa, tell me a scary story.”It was bedtime, and Timmy sat huddled under the covers as his grandfather tucked him in.  It might not be the b...

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It Was More Fun In Hell

The following is based on events from 1991-1998. He was bearded, dark haired, only a slightly built man, puffing on a cigarette.“ Things have been go...

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Funeral Flowers

The smell was even stronger - Editor by Edoardo AlbertThe taxi driver knew where to go.The man paid him and then watched as the cab drove away. The d...

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Eerie Landing

Dan Fletcher and Cindy Oster laughed as they drank another Keystone beer from the cooler inside the hatch of the Honda Fit.  Both were 16 and ha...

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The gas station was still just a small matchbox in the distance.The sign just outside of Merkittsville warned her that it was the “last stop for 80 m...

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