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At 52 years old Hernandez Holanda could be considered a veteran.In fact the current life expectancy for his colleagues was a little under two years....

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Poof and I'm Gone

I was in the car with my boyfriend Steven Elms, barreling down the highway since we decided to take a trip to Weeping Island, Georgia the week after...

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Shit for Brains

Angelo Pinterano was a seventeen year old living in Elmhurst, New York at the beginning of the 1970‘s. He quit high school and was working as an appr...

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Guess Who

To live is to die and to die is to live; no truer words have been spoken. I, but not you, know what mask I own. Perchance, you may figure in the cour...

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The Germantown Mystery

October 31, 1974 Piotr and Janek Tarkowski, American born sons of Polish immigrants, ran through the woods just west of Germantown, Pennsylvania.&nbs...

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Whispers Eavesdropped

What do you think of when leaves drop..?Rasp an' rustle... much like my soul… that's lost track of day. A day lost to eternity, to a silky petrificat...

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There's Not Enough Room

A few weeks ago, we intercepted the first message. I'm an astronomer, at the Gold-stone Space Communications Complex, essentially a radio t...

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Stupid Baby

I thought so - Editor It lay there, fat and sluglike. It’s skin was flushed red and overheated. The arms and legs were nothing but cylindrical rolls...

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