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Monsieur Picardy

by Norman A. RubinMadame Edythe Picardy was greatly respected by all the staff at the Clermont Spa. The manager of the watering place bowed and scr...

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Super Plex Fest 2017

It was a cold and snowy night in Saint Louis, Missouri, yet the Riot Area was packed to the gills for Tremendous Wrestling Organization’s biggest eve...

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A Dinner in Olde New York

Arlington and Buffy Cwizweld will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year on  April 1, 2055.This is their story.****Arly and Buffy ha...

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That Old Feeling

“Hey Bernie, look at this!” Marge wheezed as she picked up the thick piece of glass from the thrift store shelf.Bernie used his cane to join his wife...

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Of Snakes and Banjos

It wasn't like he'd meant to kick her as he came round the corner. Anyway, it wasn't really a kick, more like a bit of a bump. No, a nudge, that's wh...

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Whispers Eavesdropped

What do you think of when leaves drop..?Rasp an' rustle... much like my soul… that's lost track of day. A day lost to eternity, to a silky petrificat...

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Cannibalistic Freaks

Running foot claps echoed off the frost covered asphalt; she was rapidly panting for breath--covered in blood spatter. Her thin arms rested on her up...

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The Rainmaker

The unsettling fog shifted and spun around him like a spectral embrace as he walked, his heavy boots crunching on gravel and broken glass. He almo...

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