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Nobody likes the Rat Squad

NYPD Standard Operational Procedure when anyone is transferred: The next day they must report in civilian attire to Health Services Division to take...

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Heavenly Scent of Strawberry

by Christine C TerranovaEven under the artificial light of the bookstore her angelic glow radiated.  I had to force myself not to stare at he...

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The Indian in the Closet

My grandmother's house was a source of both joy and fear in my childhood; an unassuming white bungalow built by my great-grandfather's hands in 1915,...

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Skinned Deep

by Scott LiningerI was on a bicycle excursion near the little Colorado town of Silver Plume. It had been a long summer spent in corporate hell for...

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A Vainglorious Venture

Day 1 My name is Sergeant Frankford. I have been ordered by my superiors to keep a log of our encounters down here in the sewers. I am not much...

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Light Up My Life

Sylvie was flighty, losing her pocketbook, glasses, cell phone – something – every time she came back from one of those lab visits that paid for her...

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The Three Dolls

“Maaaammy” “Maaaammy” “Maaaammy”...the woman jolted awake and noticed the sun was going down. Three days before Halloween. The car rumbled on… more a...

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by Don NorumI'm an insurance investigator in a small branch office, small enough that I'm half of it. Davis takes care of most of the office's pape...

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