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The Lost Girl

by A J MaddenThey’ve never found the body, but they found the doll.They saw its porcelain head poking out from the dirt in the woods. Its left eye...

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Three For One

"I want them gone. That's the only way you'll get her back."Sierra zipped across Marshall Avenue Bridge towards the St. Paul. Snow whipped through th...

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Revenge of the Juggler

"Ta-da"The surrounding crowd went wild with applause after the juggler's grand finale—juggling four blazing torches while circling and spinning "high...

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Where The Meat Comes From

The butcher came down the hall wearing his blood soaked apron, reeking of pain and death. He had a rough beard that was hard and jagged against the h...

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She Really Hates Kids

She yelled so awfully loud... like she was right in my face, you know? My friend Ryan and I were about twelve and we had been to see Batman at the ci...

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Tragic Love

We've all been there - Editor by Keely ChristensenI’ll start out by saying that it was not the perfect romance. We were not the perfect couple, and w...

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 Once upon a time, Naomi noticed someone posting as her on the Internet. Ordinarily identity theft would be a problem; however, identity theft p...

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Dr. Fleming's Fatal Mistake

It was night when Alana drove to the Brighton Inn, a less-than stellar motel that was a favorite getaway destination for Jack Warden and his mistress...

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