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Moving On

I followed him when he left the house.I’d stood in the hallway and listened to them argue in the kitchen. She’d found some texts on his phone. She wa...

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Bobby and Me (Forget Bozo)

“Red herring.”The waitress actually wrote a letter or two on her pad before she wrinkled her nose at me. “What?”“Just kidding. I’ll have the crawfish...

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Beyond the Elder Tree

It had seemed like a great idea at first: Timmy and one of his fellow scouts doing a wildlife survey on the small Channel Island of Mere. Two nights...

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Nobody likes the Rat Squad

NYPD Standard Operational Procedure when anyone is transferred: The next day they must report in civilian attire to Health Services Division to take...

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Off The Grid

Someone was coming up the trail.Garrison hadn’t seen another human being in weeks, not since Mr. Marco had sent him up to the cabin in the hills.&nbs...

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Mr. Rempel

His name was Mr. Rempel.Jill learned of her seven-year-old’s “new friend” one Sunday afternoon. She had dropped the last dollop of chocolate chip coo...

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Viole(n)t Lane

Rehabilitation efforts had been wasted on me through tests, drugs and therapy. I could not tell if they saw through my disguise but I felt no concer...

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Dr. Fleming's Fatal Mistake

It was night when Alana drove to the Brighton Inn, a less-than stellar motel that was a favorite getaway destination for Jack Warden and his mistress...

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