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A teacher and old bones - Editor by David E. HughesWhen I arrived in Gold Mesa in September of 1874, its one-room schoolhouse was equipped with thirt...

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All Silent on the Flint

by John P. WilsonIt was an early, frozen morning during the month of December when Sheriff Jones climbed into the boat, lit a cigarette and wondere...

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 Once upon a time, Naomi noticed someone posting as her on the Internet. Ordinarily identity theft would be a problem; however, identity theft p...

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Blood Raven

The sky mocked her, daring her. Though it knew she would lose. The dare was simple, take to the sky.Just once would be enough.Henri craned her neck,...

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The Taco Bell Heist

R and N rated - Editor by Robb WhiteOdraye Maybon Dremel IV was poorer than a shithouse rat and that was the entire problem and story of his life. Ou...

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Went Missing

A man of little words - Editor by Christian RileySam Nolan took his breakfast of cold salmon and buttered toast every morning at the bottom of a two...

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Pleased to Meet You . . . Not

Prowling for last-minute clients to represent for a “small fee,” he was practiced at his game. The Administrative Law Judges were ready to rule on...

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Dancing with Valentino

New York City December 26, 1950 The Ashland Hotel is a dump in a rundown section of the city. I live in an one-room apartment, two room...

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